VerseTab is a Christian Publisher with the sole purpose of sharing the amazing works of Christian writers across the globe.

Based in the heart of Birmingham, UK, VerseTab offers Christian writers the chance to get their writings published online as eBooks and offline as paperbacks using print-on-demand services.

In addition to this, we assist Christian authors who are looking to build their brands online and promote their books using effective marketing strategies. We don’t publish the books of these authors under our company, but we help them build their own brands online.

We are also working on rolling out a coaching program for Christian writers looking to build their brands and grow their online presence.

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Traditional Publishing

We provide traditional publishing services to our authors, from editing to proofreading, cover design to publishing, and even marketing. And this is completely FREE.

Though we currently accept unsolicited submissions, we’re only able to publish a small number of books each month due to the resources available.

In order to stand out amongst fellow Christian writers, you’d need to submit your best work forward. For more information about our traditional publishing services, please visit our Submission page.