What does it take to be a successful writer?

What does it take to be a successful writer?

Dear fellow writers,

I want to ask you a fundamental question. It’s one of the most important questions in the writing world. It’s a question we often ask ourselves and continually seek the answer for each time we write, edit, and publish.

What does it take to be a successful writer?

Oftentimes, as writers, we judge ourselves and our work with a harsh, scrutinizing eye. We tend to gauge our success by the number of readers, views, likes, shares, and positive feedback we get. We scrutinize our work when we don’t see any fruit. Surely if people read our work and refer it to others, that is what makes it a success, right? I believe we have it all wrong.

As writers, we are creative and thoughtful individuals. We are all very different and unique in our styles and niches. Yet, there is one specific quality that we all share. A quality that only a real writer has. This characteristic is something that is a part of your soul, not a learned behaviour. You can’t fake it. Without it, you’ll probably never make it.

What’s that all-important quality, you ask? Authentic passion.

I believe that our success as writers ought to be put under the microscope of passion. Did I pour my heart and soul into this? Does my writing consist of an idea harvested from my heart, filtered through my head, and then translated into the passionate language? Do I feel what I’m writing about? Or, perhaps, am I just writing to be heard or noticed?

But not just passion alone. That passion must come from a place of authenticity. It’s very tempting to look at what other writers are doing and imitate that in our work. We see something working for one blogger and we think we ought to implement that practice when, honestly, it’s not who we are. It’s not authentic.

It’s time to get real with our readers. It’s time to get back to the basics of what writing is. We ought to be so proud of our work, even before we hit publish. So proud that, if no one ever reads the post, you know that you’ve poured your soul into your composition. Your words should always help at least one person- you! Writing is art, therapy, stress relief, and the soul in words. It takes skill, time, tears, creativity, and PASSION. If we are not passionate about the words we are typing, how can we expect others to find it inspiring and meaningful?

Write about what makes your heart sing, your blood boil, your eyes tear up, your pulse quicken, and chills run up and down your body. Only then have you truly succeeded as a writer. Anyone can go write an article or a news story. However, I believe the thing people search for and love the most is an author that doesn’t hold back. People want to read something that will make them feel something.

The world’s definition of success takes time to come to fruition. Followers and readers come with time and diligence. But, we can find success right now if we are writing about what makes our hearts feel that strong, unyielding emotion.

Dear fellow writers, at the end of the day, what does it take to be a successful writer?

A deep passion to help our readers and get our creativity out into the world.

That’s when our writing truly means something.

Ashley TackettWritten by Ashley Tackett 

Ashley is a Christian that wants to make an impact on her generation (and the next) for Christ. She left her job to serve God and recently started her blog as an outlet for ministry.

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